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Based in Monaco, Events Touch embodies a decade of event excellence, fusing technology, creativity and personalization. Our forward-thinking team turns every idea into a grand reality, putting innovation at the heart of every event.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the natural choice for those who demand the best.
As recognized experts, our reputation extends beyond borders, creating unique experiences on the French Riviera and internationally.

Our Services

Unique Experiences


We create immersive experiences that stimulate, inspire and leave an unforgettable impression.

Events Touch redefines the organization of corporate events by creating original experiences, propelling technology and promoting team building.

Every detail is customized to reflect the unique essence of your business.
Our creative team is constantly innovating, infusing bold creativity into every business meeting, product launch or conference.

  • Business Meeting
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Night
  • Business Dinner
  • Concierge Seminar
  • Immersive Experiences


Let’s make every occasion a unique experience
At Events Touch, organizing private events is a refined art. Each moment becomes a unique celebration, carefully orchestrated from sumptuous places to enchanting settings.Our project management, both discreet and innovative, covers all logistical aspects, allowing our customers to fully experience every moment.
  • Private Party
  • Cocktail
  • Gala
  • Anniversary
  • Vernissage
  • Private Dinner


Beyond the ordinary

Our concierge service goes well beyond the ordinary, creating a direct link with the exceptional. At Events Touch, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience, combining luxury, VIP accessibility and discretion.

  •      Welcome Services
  •      Full Logistics Management:
  •      Luxury Hotel
  •      Private Transportation
  •      VIP access to private events
  •      Access to Private VIP areas
  •      Unique Yachting Experiences
  •      Tailor-made Concierge Services
  •      Personalized Support
  •      24/7 responsiveness


Strategic Alliance to enhance brand visibility

At Events Touch, we open the door to strategic partnerships and sponsorship opportunities that transcend the boundaries of events. For companies looking to partner with exceptional experiences.

  • Strategic Alliance: Propose a strategic alliance with Events Touch to access an exclusive network of events that leave a memorable footprint.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: As a partner or sponsor, benefit from exceptional brand visibility at our events, reaching a diverse and influential audience.
  • Personalized Experiences: Create personalized experiences for your customers and partners through our tailor-made events, strengthening brand connections and loyalty.
  • Media Impact and Public Relations: Maximize media impact and strengthen your public relations as a partner or sponsor of Events Touch events.

Our concept summer

Gastronomic VIP

Exquisite Culinary Experience: Collaborating with renowned chefs, we offer refined gourmet cuisine that highlights local products and regional flavors.

Prestigious Settings: Enjoy an exceptional setting in iconic locations of Saint-Tropez, offering a sophisticated atmosphere and breathtaking decor.

Personalized Service: Our dedicated team takes care of all aspects of your event organization, from venue booking to service coordination, ensuring an innovative experience that will impress your guests.

Our events

Beyond the ordinary

Our Process

Build Your Event Together


In-depth conversation to understand your goals, the target audience, and the key elements you want to integrate.


Development of creative and innovative concepts, aligned with the information gathered during the needs analysis.


Presentation of a detailed proposal, including concept, visuals, and full cost breakdown.


Careful planning of every aspect of the project, from the choice of location to logistical coordination.


Implementation of precise coordination on the day of the event, ensuring the smooth running of every detail.


Collect detailed feedback, both on the overall experience and on specific aspects.

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